Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Hey Guys! I was thinking about what MG said in announcements today about the Thursday morning prayer time. I must admit that I've never gone to one before, but I've passed the auditorium before on a Thursday morning to see only a few people sitting and praying. Last year for our before-school breakfast, nearly the whole school showed up. It makes me wonder what I really want. I say that I'm desparately seeking God out, and I want to know him more than anything else. But is that what my life says when I'm more likely to come to a breakfast than to sit quietly and pray? This week especially is a week full of opportunities that we should pray about. I'm very burdened about something that's coming up on Thursday, and that's definitely something I need to be talking to God about. There are so many things going on that need prayer - and we believe in the power of prayer! This can make a serious impact on the atmosphere at our school! I know we're all busy, and we have to say no to some things. But seriously consider whether this is one of those things. It's only a half an hour - only one twelfth or less of the time you'll spend sleeping tonight. So everyone who reads this, try to come - at least this week or one week - if not every time from now on. At least come to keep me accountable and make sure I'm there!
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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Hey Guys! What's up. Here's a hyku (I don't actually know how to spell that) about my dear friend who will remain anonymous - so you can guess who it is. I don't really know how to write a haikoo (I'm trying different ways of spelling it) so I'll make up my own way.

Anonymous Person
deep, intellectual, beautiful (that's your clue that it's a girl)
mysteriously fascinating
writing, living, creating

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Thursday, March 11, 2004

Typing Personalities

I thought I might analyze the different typing personalities for fun today.

Type #1
The Hunter and Pecker
These people are insecure about themselves. They feel that if they get too comfortable with their surroundings then they will get hurt.

Type #2
The Hunch Typers
These people are too busy to associate themselves with anyone else. They feel that their work is much more important than everyone else. Many times they become anorexic and insomniacs because they feel the need to work 24/7.

Type #3
The Straight Back Typers
These people are uptight about their surroundings and work. They tend to be perfectionists.

Type #4
The Lean Back Typers
These people tend to be lazier and not want to do much work. They just want to sit back and have everything done for them.

Type #5
The Speed Typers
These people are always on the move. They are always in a hurry. They never stop and talk because they are perpetually 5 minutes late for anything they do.

Type #6
The Lap typers
These people have it all under control. They like to be in charge of their own situation. They get frustrated at times but there is nothing that they can not handle.

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Thursday, February 12, 2004

Brittany is being really fun and nice - just in case you got the wrong idea from my last blog.
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Hey = Eve here. I'm still in Florida, but i'M ready to come home because Brittany yells at me every time i TRY to sing. just kidding = well she does yell at me, but I want to stay in Florida. I miss everybody though, so I think you all should come too. Umm, I'm going to try to witness to whoever i SIT next to on the trip home, so pray for me. The weeks been kinda busy, so I haven't had much thinking time. Elsewise I would write a bit deeper. One cool thought to leave you with: you know, I always kind of thought that in heaven, we would all do the same basic things. You know, sing, listen to God, eat good food = and that would be about it. I thought it would be the same uneventful thing every day - I'd do the same things everyone else was doing. I just thought that when we got to heaven God would somehow change us so that it would seem really fun and enjoyable. Now I'm not saying that praising God wouldn't be enjoyable = just that I thought there would be no individuality in heaven. But through reading The Purpose Driven Life I discovered that I have a unique purpose in heaven. I'm going to be doing something that no one else will! I'll have my own fun enjoyable way of praising God - and it's going to be something that I"ll love!
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Monday, February 09, 2004

My friend Amanda has this awesome tea kettle. I love it so much - I wish I had a tea kettle like that! But she gets very embarassed when people talk about it or look at it. I would say more about Amanda's cool tea kettle, but I have to go cause I'm in Florida.
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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

The Food I Could Not Possibly Live Without
The food I could not live without is actually a drink. I could not for the life of me think of any food I couldn't do without. There are lots and lots of foods that I love, but I could give them all up - so long as I had........milk. I love milk. Milk makes you healthy; it makes you strong; it tastes good; it's white; it's creamy; it's versatile; and beautiful people everywhere drink it - as is evidenced by the "Got Milk?" advertisements. I would just like to point out, however, that there is a fake milk going around these days. People call it milk, but it has none of the delectable taste or benefits of real milk. Beware - do not be fooled. This counterfeit goes by the name..., oooh it makes me shudder, ...skim milk. You can also recognize it by it's slightly transparent qualities and disgusting watery taste. It fools you into thinking that you're being healthy when you drink it, but if you succumb, most likely you will fall down some stairs as a middle aged person and break every bone in your body due to osteoporosis.
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Friday, January 30, 2004

The newest January Holiday
I believe that this world needs a celebrate a random person day. Each year the calendar makers can get together to elect a new random person. However since I'm the one starting this holiday, I get to pick the first random person. And since the 31st is the only day left in January, that's when this holiday will take place. This year's random person to celebrate will be Dave Esgar. Here are some practical ways that this holiday is celebrated.

4:00 AM - Wake up - race to the phone to call Dave and wish him a happy Celebrate Dave Day

5:00 - Make Dave a special breakfast of his favorite foods - ribs, corn, watermelon, and strawberry kiwi Gatorade.

6:00 - Get to school early to decorate the whole upstairs hallway with "I love Dave" and "Dave is great" and "Dave's my hero" and "I wish I could be reincarnated as Dave" signs.

7:30 - run downstairs to make sure you are the first to welcome Dave to school

8:00 - shove 10 people out of the way so you can sit by Dave in homeroom

8:16-3:16 - try to convince all your teachers not to give Dave any homework, buy Dave lunch, and give him a hug every passing period (unless you're a girl - then a handshake would suffice).

3:16-3:30 - Get a whole crowd of people to wait for Dave outside of his locker room while he changes for practice. Then make a run-through for when he finally comes out.

3:30-5:30 - Stay and lead everyone in cheers while Dave practices. (i.e. move those towels x move those towels x back x back x back x and forth x) Yeah Dave!!!!!

5:30 - decorate Dave's car with car paint and trailing cans; get everyone to follow him home, honking the whole way.

6:00 - video tape Dave eating supper so you can watch it whenever you're not in the same room as Dave.

7:00 - As Dave will be very tired out by all this, you can put him to bed with as many bed time stories as he wants.

the next day - you'd better stay away from Dave, as he will probably be ready to bite your head off.

Actually, none of this will really work, because the 31st is a Saturday.

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